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Guitar Tremolo Spring Silencer Kit- 4 Insulator pieces-Eliminates Spring Noise

Eliminates tremolo spring movement noise and unwanted resonance. By dampening each spring with insulator tubing, your guitar will sound more precise and clearer without that annoying springy noise from the tremolo. Even when your tremolo is not being used there is still a resonance noise from the springs while playing. Now you will only hear strings, not springs. The insulators are shrunk with heat to fit tightly over each spring and will not interfere with the normal tremolo operation or movement.

Easy to install.. installing them one spring at a time is best. Includes set of 4 specially sized heat shrink insulator tubing and instructions. If you were to buy this on your own you would spend more $ and time and not have the right size or material for this application. Free shipping.

Springs not included.

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Tremolo Spring Silencer Kit- 4