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A straight neck is only as good as its fret are level. We have a tool for the luthier and everyday guitar/bass player to level their frets easy and non-aggressive, not to ruin the radius or fret life, as files can do. Remember you only want to contact the high pionts lightly to level your frets. The Fret Leveling Board is 320 grit silicon carbide on 2.25"W x 6" long flat aluminum alloy plate. Can be washed with water after each use. Or even use damp for a smoother sanding action rinsing off every few passes. A simple lightweight tool that will last for many fret repairs. Use up and down the entire guitar or bass fret board only for a few minutes at most. Finish the process by lightly sanding side to side across the frets to blend in your fret board radius. Most important, this side to side motion across the first few frets near the headstock is great for leveling without removing the string nut. Use with the Fret Rocker to even out isolated areas instead of the entire fret board. The result is less fret wear, smoother finish for polishing and crowning, if desired.

Neck Check Guitar Repair Tools, Luthier SuppliesNeck Check Guitar Repair Tools, Luthier Supplies Neck Check Guitar Repair Tools, Luthier Supplies
Fret Leveling Board