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Fret Level Rocker

Precision CNC Machined 4 sided Fret Level Rocking Tool allows you to check for high frets on your guitar/bass fretboard and eliminating fret buzz, by setting on three fret at once and try rocking back and forth to see if that center fret (of the three) is high.

Very simple to use and with 4 different length sides you can check all down the fretboard of all electric, acoustic and bass guitars. You will be surprised on your initial results when you first use this tool on your instrument.

We have seen this type of tool made of steel which is overkill for what it does, just making it heavier and more costly to manufacture. Our tool consists of 4 Precision Sides 1 5/16", 2", 3" and 4" Machined from 1/8" thick 6061 Aluminum plate. Flatness within .0002".

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Neckcheck Guitar Fret Level Rocker